Western Cape 2021 XCO Series Round #3 & UCI Cat 2
Sun 18 Apr 2021, 07:00 @ Cape Town, Western Cape

Western Cape MTB

Western Cape 2021 Provincial XCO Series - Round #3 - UCI Category 2

Bloemendal 18th April 2021

Please Note:> Online Entries Closing Wed 14th April 2021 at 12:00. No late entries

Registration:> Friday 16th April 2021 09:00 - 17:00 at the venue only. NO late entries after Friday 16th April 2021




XCO is an extreme mountain bike discipline! Being the only mountain bike discipline practiced at the Olympic Games, it requires high intensity participation. Western Cape Cycling offers our riders an opportunity to compete at the highest level in a COVID-19 safe manner.

XCO Explained 

  • The race takes place on a pre-marked circular track
  • Riders compete over 2-7 laps, depending on their age categories
  • Contestants should wear a MASK in the starting area until final countdown before the race start
  • No drafting nor group riding will be allowed
  • No prize giving ceremony will take place. The top 3 finishers will receive their medals immediately after completing their event
  • Race results will be posted at 18:00 on race day. Visit www.cyclingsa.com or www.great-time.co.za
  • A technical/feed zone will be available, but NO gazebos will be allowed. Only one “assistant” may be present in the tech zone while that race is happening. You are required to leave the “Tech Zone” & “race area” immediately after your rider has finished, unless you have another rider on the track racing
  • Riders who finish will vacate the “race area” immediately
  • Guideline to who is who 
  • Official - Race Director/Time Keepers/Commissaires/Marshalls/Medics Participant - The person completing in the event that has a number board Assistant/Support Crew - The person helping the participant in the Tech Zone (Tag required) 

Race Entries to Participate

  • Only online race entries through a formal entry portal will be allowed so as to control numbers (www.cyclingsa.comwww.great-time.co.za ). There are NO on the day late entries!!!
  • Participants enter per age category - the number of categories is predetermined
  • Each category is scheduled to participate in a specific time slot
  • The number of participants per category is capped
  • Registration & Number collections takes place on Friday between 8:00-17:00. No late entries after Friday
  • On race day, number collection up to 1-hour before own race start time. No late entries! Bring your Covid-19 form

Access Control to Bike Park

  • Normal access control to bike park takes place at the designated parking area
  • On entry at the main gate, all visitors will be hand-sanitised, will fill-out the prescribed COVID-19 register and temperature is measured and recorded. Please allocate a little more time for this before arrival. • 
  • The participation COVID-19 form will be sent on entry. You are to print this out and bring it with you to collect your number
  • All visitors will wear a MASK SUPPORTERS AND SPECTATORS
  • No spectators will be allowed in or at the “RACE AREA” (This includes the start/finish; medics; tech zone)
  • Vehicle parking will ensure social distancing
  • Limited coffee/refreshments & food will be on offer outside the “race area” at THE BIKE VILLAGE. To enter The Bike Village, please use the walkways lined with the orange and yellow barrier. DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE “RACE AREA” 

COVID-19 Station

  • A Covid-19 Officer will be appointed and will 
    • Work in close cooperation with the on-site EMS personnel 
    • Be stationed at a covid-19 stand at the entry to the start/finish line & tech zone area (Entry for riders and assistants with a pass only) 
    • Conduct hand sanitising and temperature measurement amount athletes 
    • Continually monitor covid-19 compliance 

Contingency Planning 

This operational plan serves as basis for rider and marshal protection against COVID-19 infections and should serve the goal optimally. On-the-spot improvements, based on collective decisions between the following appointees should be allowed: 

  • COVID-19 Officer 
  • Race Director 
  • CSA Commissaire 
  • Safety Officer

Covid-19 rules must be read in addition to the other normal rules of XCO racing. These can be found on our website www.wpcycling.com

Kind regards,

Stephen Van Der Walt

Race Director


All riders taking part require one of the following:

Full Racing License

This category of license is for riders from the age of 17-years-old who wish to be eligible for provincial and national selection and respective colours award. The bearer of a full license is entitled to partake in national championships or series race and be seeded accordingly. Those of who race in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite) earn UCI points, which will assist them in being seeded at future UCI category events, UCI World Cups and UCI World Championships. The cost of a full racing license is R450 per year, and the applicant has to be member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA. These MUST be done simultaneously for a Full Racing License to be valid. Full Racing Licenses are only valid from 1 January to 31 December each year.

Cycling South Africa Membership

A membership holder is entitled to enter any event, irrespective of discipline, without having to purchase a day license. A member is allowed to participate in a national series event but will not be eligible for national or provincial selection. A membership of Cycling SA is the most basic form of license and is an agreement of the rider to abide by the rules of the event in which they participate. A Cycling SA membership can be renewed on a 12-monthly cycle.

Youth membership

The Youth membership fee will be R150, and will be introduced from 1 November 2018 for riders aged 16 years and younger! Youth are able to participate in national and provincial championships and series on a membership only. As per a normal Cycling SA membership, Youth will also receive full access to Hollard Insurance Company medical assistance cover, access to RoadCover RAF claims management system, and other membership benefits as stipulated below.

Day License

The Day-license is designed to allow the absolute newcomers of the sport to participate within the rules and regulations of the sport. These participants, who do not hold a full license or membership, need to purchase a day license. By purchasing a day license the rider agrees to participate in the event and abide with the rules of the event and those of Cycling SA for that day. A day license costs R35 and is only valid for one day.

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 4 participants per team.
Western Cape  2021 XCO Series Round #3 & UCI Cat 2

Event has been Closed

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
Teams of 4 Relay Race
Relay Race for 13yrs & Under - Teams of 4, each rider does 1 lap only. Categories: Girls Teams & Boys Team only
2.5 km 1 Lap each R 50.00
Youth & Sub Junior
Provincial Series Age Categories - CyclingSA Membership required
5 km R 350.00
Open Category for All riders with NO CyclingSA Membership - Day Licence required
5 km R 150.00
Elite and Junior
Provincial Series Age Categories - CyclingSA Racing Licence required
5 km R 500.00

Event location
Bloemendal B, Cape Town

Route information

From Durbanville, proceed out to Bloemendal Wine Estate

Coordinates -33.8390539, 18.5997164
Address Bloemendal Wine Estate - Durbanville Hills
City Cape Town
Province Western Cape